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Who We Are

Albryte Support Services is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to provide group homes and residential services for intellectually and/or developmentally disabled adults.  They are called group homes because these homes provide congregate living arrangements to a small group of adults.


In our group homes, individuals receive primary care, which comprises room, board and general supervision. Each resident is encouraged to be as independent as possible with daily living activities with the ultimate goal that they can achieve an improved quality of life through integration in community activities. In addition, they receive specialized supervision according to their individual support needs and preferences.

Our Homes

Albryte was founded on the belief that it is the right of every individual, regardless of the extent of their disability, to have access to comfortable, clean and safe living environments. For this reason, our community based group homes have been designed to combine physical activity and clinical care with safe exposure to social environments. Our services are structured to maximize daily functioning capabilities and decision-making processes for intellectually or developmentally disabled individual including those with chronic medical conditions.


Our homes are located in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William and surrounding counties in Northern Virginia. Our caring, experienced staff carefully evaluates each future resident to foster compatibility with fellow residents, ensure developmental needs assessments are accurate, and will care for the overall well being of the individual.


Each individual has a personal plan that is devised according to medical assessments, needs, and state requirements.

24/7 Care Provided by Highly Trained, Professional Staff

Our team of devoted professionals is here to help your loved one maximize their quality of life, while still encouraging enhanced independence. With around-the-clock care, residents can also look forward to gaining support and assistance with everyday activities like the following:


  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Personal needs
  • Social interaction
  • Recreational activities



Our Services

Our residential services focus on the complete living experience for our individuals and take a proactive approach to managing their care needs. We also utilize user-friendly web based software to enhance communication between all members of the individual’s care team.  This creates a cohesive and consistent relationship between the individual’s family, support staff and case managers.


Our support services include:


  • Adult Residential Services
  • Behavioral Support
  • Community Supported Living Arrangements
  • Individual and Family Support
  • Recreational Activities
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Transportation Services



Our Trained Professionals

At Albryte, each of our direct support personnel receives ongoing training and is carefully instructed on the support and unique requirements of each individual and family.


Or support staff is thoroughly screened formally trained, bonded and insured. They have been selected on the basis of their compassion, reliability and experience.


Our staff include:


  • Direct Support Staff
  • Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Registered Nurses



Specialized Behavioral Services

At Albryte, we believe everyone can live their lives to the fullest when appropriate support is provided. That’s why we provide client focused, person centered, comprehensive behavioral consultation services to our individuals. Our behavior plans are personalized to fit the needs of each individual and centered around what’s important to them.


We trained professionals provide Positive Behavior Supports and Crisis Stabilization Programs designed to help individuals achieve behavior stability and work through difficult times



Career Services

A career with intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals is a rewarding path, allowing you to make a real difference in people’s lives every day. As an Albryte professional, you will take advantage of training, mentoring, support and supervision to help you develop and grow your leadership potential. From your first day of orientation through ongoing training in best practices, new protocols, and effective communication, Albryte will nurture your success and create opportunities for you to achieve your career goals.


Hiring Process

Our hiring process adheres to strong regulations by the state of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. All applicants must have worked with IDD Waiver individuals within the last 12 months. Please review our checklist to verify that you are a suitable candidate. Resumes can be sent to hr@albrytesupport.com


Employment checklist

  • Resume with related prior group home experience
  • Identity verification
  • Verification of employment eligibility
  • social security card
  • valid employment authorization document
  • Completing IRS form I-9
  • Verifying past group home related references
  • Extensive criminal background check
  • Finger printing
  • Checking DMV clearance
  • Extensive interview
  • Extensive orientation and training

Contact Us

Albryte Support Services

2 Pidgeon Hill Drive

Suite 540

Sterling, VA 20165

Phone: 703-544-2644 • Fax: 703-552-2011

Email: info@albrytesupport.com




All is bright….


I believe God made us all bright

To make our lights shine in His world

Like golden sunbeams and rainbows

In a life with fogs that do swirl


I believe home is where my heart is

And where there’s love, I’m home

And comfort comes from giving

My best for all who call this home


I believe that when we laugh

A sparkle starts to shine,

And I just know that spark will spread

From more hearts than just mine.


I believe the gifts you have,

Are there for you to share.

And if you share from the heart,

The whole world knows you care.


I believe that love is still

The greatest gift of all.

And when it's given from the heart,

Then not one of us will fall.


I believe in that place beyond the blue

Beyond the moments we’ve shared

For peace and joy is forever true

And all is bright our days ahead


By Elikem

Albryte ‘2018


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Albryte Support Services

2 Pidgeon Hill Drive - Suite 540

Sterling, VA 20165


Phone: 703.544.2644

Fax: 703.552.2011


Email: info@albrytesupport.com

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